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R-01 Dakshineswar, Feb, 1884TR-01a Artist View Santa Barbara Temple 1962TR-01t Temple View Santa Barbara Temple 1962R-02-Crop 3 Calcutta, Dec. 10, 1881TR-05 1975 Hollywood ConventR-06 Calcutta, Sept. 21, 1879TR-06 1975 Hollywood MonasteryR-04 Partial Painting by Frank Devorak (from a vision)TR-22 Wash. DC CenterTR-04 1979 San Diego CenterTR-02 1985 Santa Barbara ConventR-03a Crop Calcutta, Sept. 21, 1879TR-10 1963 Santa Barbara ConventTR-23 Trabuco MonasteryTS-01 1974 Santa Barbara ConventS-02 rt Udbodhan 1904TS-04 1978 Hollywood MonasteryTS-16 1997 Wash. DC CenterS-08a rt Jayrambati 1912S-04rt Calcutta 1905

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