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Please note that the photographs of Ramakrishna and his disciples are all archival prints. Most of the photos were all taken over 100 years ago.

Some are from the original glass negatives, others are second and third generation photos with the original negatives long lost.

We have corrected the files as far as possible, although they may still appear contrasty or dark, depending on your tastes. Historically, they are all important even if the prints are not perfect. Please keep this in mind when ordering.
R-01 Dakshineswar, Feb, 1884R-01 no arch, Dakshineswar, Feb, 1884R-05b Calcutta, Dec. 10, 1881R-02 Calcutta, Dec. 10, 1881R-02-Crop 1 Calcutta, Dec. 10, 1881R-02-Crop 2 Calcutta, Dec. 10, 1881R-02-Crop 3 Calcutta, Dec. 10, 1881R-06 Calcutta, Sept. 21, 1879R-03a Calcutta, Sept. 21, 1879R-03a Crop Calcutta, Sept. 21, 1879R-04 Partial Painting by Frank Devorak (from a vision)R-07a Painting by Frank Devorak (from a vision)R-08a2 Cossipore, Aug. 16, 1886R-8a

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