Vedanta Society of So. Calif. | Sarada Devi The Holy Mother
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TS-01 1974 Santa Barbara ConventTS-03 1960 Trabuco MonasteryTS-04 1978 Hollywood MonasteryTS-05 1968 Santa Barbara ConventTS-06 1959 Hollywood ConventTS-07 1960 Santa Barbara ConventTS-08 Trabuco Monastery 1960TS-11 1996 Kansas City CenterTS-14 1965 Private OwnerTS-16 1997 Wash. DC CenterTS-19 1977 Private OwnerTS-20 1963 Kali MandirTS-22 1972 Private OwnerTS-23 1983 Wash. DC CenterTS-25 1970 Hollywood MonasteryTS-27 Hollywood MonasteryTS-28 1967 New York CenterTS-30 Private Owner

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